Kopari Beauty Organic Coconut Cleansing Oil

Kopari Beauty Organic Coconut Cleansing Oil

Rid your skin of pesky dirt, makeup and impurities with this ultra gentle cleansing oil that leaves your face feeling nothing but smooth, clean and refreshed. Crafted with a natural antioxidant-filled formula, this lightweight product can also double as a clearing makeup remover.

  • Powerful Ingredients: Coconut Oil, Green Tea Oil, Rice Oil
  • Intended for all skin types.

How to use: Splash water onto face and hands. Add cleansing oil. Massage onto face for 30 seconds. Rinse.

Kopari aims to enhance beauty through the use of all-natural, organic ingredients that make you look gorgeous and feel great. All Kopari coconuts are sourced from the Philippine Islands and sustainably manufactured in sunny Southern California.

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