Sakara Life Youth + Beauty Tea

Sakara Life Youth + Beauty Tea

Although your spirit may take flight as you sip this herbal elixir, know that it is firmly rooted in the time-honored science and plant medicine to protect your body from aging and help boost overall beauty. Several herbs present are adaptogens that work on the neuro-hormonal system of the body. By tapping into the adrenals, they work like a thermostat to improve the body’s ability to protect against mental, physical and environmental stressors. Enjoy daily along with meditation for energetic balance, system-wide harmony, and ultimate radiance.

Teep 1 tea bag in boiling water for 3–5 minutes - during that time, close your eyes, breath deep, and focus on relaxing each muscle in your face. Enjoy daily upon waking or after dinner.

Blend of 14 whole-leaf botanicals for ultimate radiance. 100% caffeine-free. Made with organic ingredients. Made in the USA. Key Ingredients:

Schisandra: Protects cells + defies aging
Wild cherry: Enables the body to heal
Peony root: Brightens the complexion + balances hormones
Saw palmetto: Encourages the growth of thick, lustrous hair
Gynostemma: Promotes longevity
Orange blossom: Brightens the skin
Gotu kola: Helps to sharpen the mind
Eleuthero: Supports a healthy energy level
Reishi + chaga mushroom: Can strengthen immunity
Bilberry: Soothes inflammation
Catuaba bark: Stokes the libido
Hibiscus: Supports healthy weight maintenance
Astragalus: Enhances endurance

  • Flavor: Light, floral flavor from wild cherry + peony root, anchored in earthy, herbal notes
Sakara Life
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