Trendy Eyeglasses

Trendy Eyeglasses

Enjoy the fashion potential of optical glasses that like a slick of lipstick or an excellent pair of earrings, help to make a look your own. Today, spectacles are less about seeing than being seen. Perhaps that’s why people are using the term “optical wardrobe” to describe their spectacle collections.

There’s no other wardrobe staple that can reinvent your look like a great pair of eyeglasses. From slimmed-down metal, to reimagined shapes with geometric details, find the styles that will transform your look and suit your daily mood and style. The coolest specs have the undeniable power to transform your look in an instant. Gone are the days when you needed to commit to wearing the same pair every day until they got lost or were found broken at the bottom of your bag. Now you can own a pair for every occasion. A pair of geek chic glasses will work for when you want to look smart and impress your book club. Over-size round and square frames add a retro appeal to any outfit. You can easily turn your favorite pair of specs into your beauty signature.

You don’t need to have problems with your vision to be a part of the movement. Many incredible women of our generation from the Jenner Hadid crew to Emily Ratajkowski have taken to wearing a prescription-free pair as a styling trick. If spies and superheroes are to be trusted, eyewear can completely change your identity. So make sure you choose well from our picks of the best pairs of spectacles with eye-catching frames and unconventional shapes to create a lively look.

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