Kier: Bane of Heaven Mask Court of the Dead Life-Size Replica

Kier: Bane of Heaven Mask Court of the Dead Life-Size Replica

Check out the Kier: Bane of Heaven Mask Court of the Dead Life-Size Replica. “I have two faces, that which I was given and that which I made. My true face is the one I carved with my own two hands... And if you see it, chances are you’re on your last rattle.' Are you brave enough to live with the face that makes both Heaven and Hell tremble with fear? Sideshow introduces the Kier: Bane of Heaven Life-Size Mask Replica. This highly-detailed and astonishingly realistic artifact may be 'life-size,' but it will certainly feel like the Underworld has been transported into the Mortal Realm in a larger-than-life way once this collectible arrives in your home. The Kier: Bane of Heaven Life-Size Mask Replica is the first in a collection of life-size replicas straight from the Land of the Dead. “The Kier mask was a fun challenge,' said sculptor Alfred Paredes. 'I was given a great cosplay mask as my general reference, and told to take it up a notch as far as details were concerned.' 'Beyond using the mask as reference, it was all about looking to the real world,' Paredes explained. 'I brought in real skulls and horns to get inspiration and to use as a texture guide. Once we nailed down the proportions of everything, it was a long, slow process of building the textures to go beyond nature and make the mask something wonderfully supernatural.” As the adopted daughter of Death, Kier calls for the supernatural edge that Paredes brought to her hallmark accessory. Kier is an angel, born in Heaven, but rejected for her imperfections. Left to perish, Death rescued Kier and nursed her back to health, forever earning her loyalty and affection. Kier now fights both Heaven and Hell as First Sword of the Underworld. She has rejected her angelic visage, and carved a uniquely terrifying mask that she wears when she stalks the Celestials. Clocking in at an imperious 26 inches tall, Kier’s mask is expertly sculpted to look like it was hand-crafted from otherworldly bone. The dark and twisted horns of her mask.


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