Bohemian Rattan Bed "Ara"

Bohemian Rattan Bed "Ara"

Make your bedroom a resort-like retreat with this statement-making rattan bed that is regal, earthen, ornate, and organic at once. Designed by Justina Blakeney and crafted entirely by hand, it has a wooden slat support system and does not require box spring. Easily assembled upon delivery and available in twin, queen and king sizes.

A turly unique and beautiful bohemian bedroom furniture, where sweet dreams grow.

Bohemian interior maven Justina Blakeney imbues her signature "jungalow" style into everything she creates. A play on her inspirations - jungles and bungalows - her designs are eclectic, colorful, and always imaginative, and each makes a welcoming statement in your home.

Justina Blakeney
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